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Wall Mount Fiber Enclosure with Spool and Loaded 6 Port LC-APC Singlemode Duplex LGX Panel

$ 106.00


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Our Wall Mount Fiber Enclosure with Spool and Loaded 6 Port LC-APC Singlemode Duplex LGX Panel is ideal for organizing and safeguarding your critical fiber optic backbone connections. The enclosure is manufactured from high-quality cold rolled steel and the powder coated finish provides an added level of durability, while protecting the enclosure from corrosion. It weighs 26 ounces and measures 6.5" H x 5.5" W x 1.25" D. The Wall Mount Box includes a loaded 6 Port Singlemode Duplex LC-APC LGX Panel. The adapters precisely align Angle Polished LC Connectors and are shipped with dust caps to prevent dust and debris from contaminating the adapter. The enclosure's top door provides quick access and the front panel is also removable if necessary, which is paramount during the initial installation or routine maintenance. The spool helps to route the fiber and stores the spliced fiber efficiently. The accessory pack consists cable ties and a Port Identification Card to keep the cables you will connect to the backside of the adapters, both tidy and cataloged. The Wall Mount Box provides optimum protection, keeps your fiber distribution organized when space is limited and maintains the integrity of your connections. It's perfect for use multi-building campus networks, like hospitals, universities, government facilities, corporate complexes and sectors like transportation and industrial automation. We offer a Splice Option instead of the Spool as well as kits that include the 12 Strand Pigtails with different adapter types and polishes.

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