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Field Installable LC-APC Singlemode 9/125 Connector for 0.9mm Cable (10 Pack)

$ 69.00


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Field Installable LC-APC Singlemode Connectors simplify the fiber termination process by offering a quick and simple solution to onsite installations, hybrid solutions, routine maintenance or emergency repairs. The user-friendly connectors are pre-stubbed with a machine polished ferrule, so there's no need for hand polishing in the field. The fiber is aligned using precision splice technology and index-matching gel to yield low insertion loss, high return loss and exceptional performance. The hassle-free connectors eliminate the need for epoxy, splicing, polishing and heating, without sacrificing reliable and consistent transmission parameters where standard polish/splice technologies are employed. A quick assembly guide is included that provides step by step visual/written instructions to complete the terminations in very little time. No power is required and only standard fiber preparation tools are needed. This convenient, cost-effective, time-saving solution is perfect for Metro/Access/Local Area/CATV and Data Processing Networks. FTTX/FTTH applications and standards are achieved for both optical and mechanical performance after proper termination and a VFL can be used to confirm optical continuity. We also offer SC and FC Connectors that can accommodate 0.9mm, 2mm and 3mm cordage, Bulk Fiber Optic Cable and Fiber Cleaning Products.

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