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The Bid Room

Welcome to The Bid Room. Simply fill in the details of what you are looking to do as well as some budget information and our fiber experts will investigate the best way to get the job done.

Once we've reviewed your requirements, we will either send you a quote or contact you directly with any clarifying questions.

If you are very new to fiber you might want to take a look at our basic guide on Picking Out Fiber Cable.


Note: It's important that we know if the cable will be outside, in conduit under ground, buried directly in the ground, hung between buildings, or run over by tanks. We can deal with any of those things, but we need to know up front.

Note: This is a potential money saver. The farther away the deadline, the better price we can get!

Note: You can give an approximate budget or even leave it blank, but we work better if we know the ballpark we can work within.